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fsihs Apr 21, 2020

One of my most important tasks here at FSIHS is to listen and adapt. Just as we listen to the science to improve out outcomes, as the Director of FSIHS, I listen to each of you, the community, the field as a whole, and, of course, the team here. It's my privilege to be trusted with your feedback and to adapt our approach to best fit the current needs of the community. 

These are often little thing–grading processes or registration requirements. But sometimes the only way to improve is to shift dramatically. With that in mind, our team has spent the last 10-12 months focused on a major change. 

We announced this to our students in early March, but the public announcement has been delayed due to the pandemic. As we shift to implement these changes, it's time to address the elephant that's leaving the room. You can catch the full announcement in the video above.


To summarize: 

  • To shift our focus on scientific research and professional education opportunities, we will no longer be offering primary education in aromatherapy, health coaching, and herbalism. 
  • Our April academic quarter welcomed the last new group of students in our certificate/diploma programs. 
  • This frees up a substantial amount of our faculty's time to focus on new and innovative continuing education programs for health professionals (nurses, aromatherapists, dietitians, health coaches, etc) and to increase our research capacity. 
  • What's next? You can expect to see MORE clinical research, MORE professional educational opportunities, and MORE collaboration with training/certification programs who want to integrate scientific research interpretation or advanced topics such as essential oil ingestion into their programs. 
  • (Not mentioned in the video, but we also have MORE study tour opportunities in the works; these are being carefully developed to protect participant safety so stay tuned for those!) 

While we have absolutely loved being a partner in the core professional training for many integrative health professionals, we are also thrilled at where these new steps will take us, our followers, and the field as a whole. 

Onward and upward! 

- Dr H 




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